Rohan Krishnamurthy & Raaginder

Rohan Krishnamurthy & Raaginder Live EP Release
August 23, 2020

The artists behind one of the most well-received performances of our 2019 Connecting Chords Music Festival will be releasing the concert as a EP, and they will be joining us to discuss the music, play audio clips, and answer questions from the virtual audience.

Kalamazoo Nature Center

Migratory Music at the Kalamazoo Nature Center
September 13, 2020
Kalamazoo Nature Center

Experience the Kalamazoo Nature Center with live music from some of our local Festival favorites!

“Resonance” Music Project
Explore the music now – exhibit opens soon!
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

In partnership with the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Unveiling American Genius exhibit, local musicians will create short recorded works in response to selected artwork.

Autumn Journey

"Autumn Journey: Choose Your Path" Soundtrack
Available for download now!

We’ve commissioned a soundtrack from Rohan Krishnamurthy, and we hope it’s the perfect music for an Autumn Journey of your choosing.

KIA ArtBreak

KIA ArtBreak
October 13, 2020

The Michigan Festival of Sacred Music will be featured at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts ArtBreak on Tuesday, October 13.

Josh Holcomb

"Pop-Up" Concert with Josh Holcomb
October 14, 2020
V & A Bootery

Violinist Josh Holcomb will be playing in front of V & A Bootery for our first “pop-up” concert of the Festival.

Music at the Dark Sky Park

Music at the Dark Sky Park
October 16, 2020
Dr. T.K. Lawless Park, Vandalia, MI

Come for the music of Josh Holcomb and Elizabeth Start; stay to see the stars in an official Dark Sky Park!

Helen Yee & Nathan Tabor

"Pop-Up" Concert with Helen Yee & Nathan Tabor
October 17, 2020
V & A Bootery

Purveyors of gypsy jazz guitar music will play a “pop-up” concert in front of V & A Bootery in downtown Kalamazoo.

Jordan Hamilton

"Pop-Up" Concert with Jordan Hamilton
October 22, 2020
V & A Bootery

Avant-Garde cellist and vocalist Jordan Hamilton will play a “pop-up” concert in front of V & A Bootery in downtown Kalamazoo.

Behind Light Behind the Light

Behind Light Behind the Light
October 25, 2020

Beth Bradfish, the artist behind the Sound Sculpture exhibit at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, will be joining us on October 25 at 7:00 PM to discuss the installation.

Samuel Nalangira

"Pop-Up" Concert with Samuel Nalangira
November 6, 2020
V & A Bootery

World musician and percussionist Samuel Nalangira will play a “pop-up” concert in front of V & A Bootery in downtown Kalamazoo.

Carolyn Koebel

“Pop-Up” Concert with the "Koebel Covid Combo"
November 7, 2020
V & A Bootery

The world jazz vibes of the “Koebel Covid Combo” will play a pop-up concert in front of V & A Bootery in downtown Kalamazoo.

"Light Behind the Light" ESS Concert Broadcast
Premiering November 21 at 8:00 PM ET

Step into Light Behind the Light with musicians Elizabeth Start (cello) and Mike Weis (percussion) as they explore and perform within artist Beth Bradfish’s sound installation.

Beth Bradfish's Sound Sculptures
Now open on select dates!
Kalamazoo Valley Museum

Composer and sound artist Beth Bradfish will be presenting an installation of Sound Sculptures at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum.

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